Friday, October 24, 2008

Barack Obama the Racist


Obama hates White People

Shocking Obama Racism Revealed

The Real Barack Hussein Obama - Racist abortion

THE AUDACITY OF HATE - Obama & Pastor Wright's Racist Church

18 Aug 2008 ... Is Barack Obama racist? Sure, he is. He has barely hidden contempt for whites generally and blacks who disagree with him receive scorn too. ...

14 October 2008
Obama shared the black racism of the Trinity United Church of Christ. ... - Barack Obama's Racist Church [7 Jan 2008]

[21 Mar 2008] Barack Obama called his grandmother a "typical white person" in a ... her in with his controversial pastor, whom she called a "racist bigot. ...

Michael Pfleger is Barack Obama Spiritual Mentor » Blue Star ... a racist former close friend.

Staunch Obama Supporter Farrakhan Says "Whites Descended From The Devil". ... Louis Farrakhan the leader of America's "Nation of Islam"...

Farrakhan: A 'new beginning' for Nation of Islam 20 Oct 2008 ... The Nation of Islam has taught that whites are descended from the devil and that blacks are the chosen people of Allah. ...

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